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Industry Technology: Detailed introduction to the classification and application of industrial equipment warning lights

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Industry Technology: Detailed introduction to the classification and application of industrial equipment warning lights

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The device warning lights are divided into three-color warning lights, single-layer multi-color warning lights, and color bar warning lights.

Equipment warning light application: In our daily life, the warning light is widely used. It is mainly used to emit alarms by emitting one or several colors of light in certain environmental situations. Some warning lights may be used. An alarm sound will also be issued to give people a warning signal to keep people away from danger and other conditions, usually used in police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering vehicles, etc.

In life, people’s awareness of safety is still relatively weak, and some lawless elements are getting more and more, which has led to many accidents. In order to reduce this kind of incident, people have invented warning lights to remind people, so Reduced the occurrence of many accidents. The light source of the traditional warning light is illuminated by a light bulb, and is illuminated by a resistance wire according to a current. Usually, a tungsten wire is used inside the bulb, and an inert gas is injected into the bulb to achieve the purpose of illuminating. Now with the development of LED technology in China, with LED as the light source, it is a solid-state light-emitting device that utilizes the luminescence effect of semiconductor. Unlike conventional bulbs, it does not shrink as the filament evaporates, resulting in reduced service life and no mechanical wear, long life, impact and vibration resistance. At the same time, the LED warning light has good light efficiency and strong visibility.


Why are the traffic lights red, yellow, and green instead of other colors? Because the three most common wavelengths, the three colors that are most likely to attract attention, the depths are as follows: red, yellow, and green. What do the three colors of the machine alarm light mean? Green is safe, the machine stops, yellow is running, and red is faulty.

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