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Traffic lights - road dredging guards!

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Traffic lights - road dredging guards!

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Traffic lights - road dredging guards!

Traffic lights are used at road intersections. By issuing instructions for vehicles or pedestrians to travel or stop, the traffic and flow of people arriving at the same time can be reduced as much as possible to each other, thereby improving the traffic capacity of intersections and ensuring smooth and safe intersections.

The Golden Street, which has the reputation of “the first long commercial pedestrian street in the country”, intersects with more than ten motor vehicle lanes. More than 40 signal lights are installed along the line, except for the 7-light flashing yellow, the other signal lights are not bright.


Traffic jams at traffic intersections without traffic lights are very serious. Traffic jams are basically waiting for pedestrians. Motor vehicles often travel to the middle of pedestrian streets and are intercepted by pedestrians. There are no traffic lights, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and sightseeing cars are all arbitrarily. Traffic jams at intersections during peak hours are commonplace.

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