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What are the functions of the popular traffic signal control machine?

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What are the functions of the popular traffic signal control machine?

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The traffic signal can clearly inform the driver of the distribution of road rights. The driver does not need to judge the distribution of the right of the road. He only needs to stop at the red light and pass at the green light. Other controls, such as parking controls and circular crossings, require drivers to make more complex judgments and decisions, choosing to travel in the right traffic. The benefit of reducing the driver's judgment requirements is that the chances of the driver making a false judgment can be reduced.

The traffic signal control machine should be able to control the setting of the control mode and the adjustment of the signal parameters through the operation panel or the hand-held terminal, and perform the normal operation according to the set control scheme. In the centralized coordinated control, the signal machine can accept and execute various control commands of the superior control machine through the communication interface.

The main functions of the traffic signal control machine:

(1) Networked real-time coordinated control:

Through the connection with the command center communication machine, the data can be transmitted in both directions in real time; the signal machine can report various traffic parameters and working status in time; the central control system can issue control commands in real time and perform remote synchronous stepping remote control.

(2) Remote setting of operating parameters:

The central control system can download various optimized control schemes to the signal controller for timely storage, so that the signal controller can operate according to the scheme formulated by the command center under independent operation.

(3) Automatic downgrade processing:

It has automatic degraded processing function in abnormal situations such as communication abnormality or interruption.

(4) On-site modification of operating parameters:

The control scheme and parameters can also be modified in the field through the control panel, or directly connected to the serial interface with a laptop to enter and modify.

(5) Cable-free self-coordinating control:

Thanks to the built-in precision clock and optimized solution configuration, cable-free self-coordination control can be achieved without system or communication interruption.

(6) Traffic parameter collection and storage:

After the vehicle detection module is configured, the status of the detector can be reported in real time, and traffic parameters such as traffic volume and occupancy rate can be automatically collected, stored, and transmitted.

(7) Single point induction control:

In the independent operation state of the signal machine, semi-sensing or full-sensing control can be performed according to the detection parameters of the vehicle detector.

(8) Time-sharing and variable cycle control:

In the independent operation state of the signal machine, according to the multi-period control scheme in the signal machine, the control is performed according to different dates, time periods and variable periods.

(9) On-site manual control:

Manual step control or manual forced yellow flash control can be performed at the intersection through the control panel.

(10) Other control methods:

The corresponding interface module and detection equipment can be expanded to realize special control methods such as bus priority.

The traffic signal control machine comprises a processing module, a signal light emergency cut-off module and an AC power interface; the AC power interface is connected to the current input end of the signal light emergency cut-off module, and the current output end of the signal light emergency cut-off module is connected to a green light, the first output of the processing module The end is connected to the control end of the signal emergency cut-off module to control the power supply of the green light and the red light by controlling the signal light emergency cut-off module to be turned on or off.

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