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Industrial signal light manufacturers

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Warning light manufacturer

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Warning light manufacturer

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Detailed introduction

CL50s laser equipment warning light


Application range:

CNC machine tools, textile machinery, security equipment, security equipment, electronic machinery, automated production lines, LED packaging, optical separation equipment, laser equipment, food filling equipment, ceramic processing equipment, automated warehouse and other human-computer interaction interfaces.

feature of product:

1. The appearance is extraordinary, compared with the similar products of the importer;

2, patented "backlight advertising space" design, more than 50 can be branded your brand LOGO, with a backlight, dazzling, highlighting the honor of your brand;

3, imported LED color light source, low current multi-light source scheme to ensure the best life and light efficiency of the light source;

4, diamond standard prism cutting lampshade, the light is more uniform, without any dead angle, the texture is moist and full, clear and bright.

5, modular design, convenient production, installation, purchase, replacement, maintenance;

6, using integrated single-chip drive, multi-module sharing, cost reduction, stability provided;

7, large margin design, long life capacitor, greatly improve the drive life, modular design, once the end of the drive life is easy to replace;



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