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Double three-color countdown signal light

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Double three-color countdown signal light

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  • Date of release:2019/04/11
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Detailed introduction

800mm*600mm double three-color countdown signal light

Brand: YEQIN

Material: PC

Model: DJS86-3TA-YQ-23

Specification: 800mm*600mm

Technical Parameters

« Multiple seals, waterproof

« Meets GB/14887-2011 and relevant international standards

« Red light: LED single brightness: 4360-5250, wavelength: 620-625nm, left and right viewing angle: 30°, power: ≤20W.

« Yellow light: LED single brightness: 4620-5545, wavelength: 592-594nm, left and right viewing angle: 30°, power: ≤20W

« Green light: LED single brightness: 8667-10400, wavelength: 503-506nm, left and right viewing angle: 30°, power: ≤20W.

« Ambient temperature: -40°C~+80°C

« Working voltage: AC220V

« Lightbox housing material: PC

« IP rating: IP53

Visual distance ≥500m

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